You Too Can Become A Web Designer- Learn How

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People say a lot of things about web design. The most interesting thing is that very few people understand the dynamics of this art and the fact that it can be done by just about anyone. You do not have to be an engineer with expertise in software development in order to do web design. Anyone can do website design. All that you need is a clear understanding of the basics of web design. Within a surprisingly short time you will be on the way to creating your first website without having to pay a fortune in the process.

Getting high quality web design services at cheap prices is near impossible. However, it largely depends on who you turn to for help. There are so many companies that you can get in touch with for these services and while some are costly, others are very affordable. There are several factors that are considered when pricing web design services. The performance of a website relies solely on the design of the website. This is one of those facts that you have to keep in mind when designing. If you do not have the time and patience to design a website, you have the option of hiring a professional to do it for you.

Basics of web design

The first thing that you need to understand before you start your journey in the world of web design is the elements of a website’s design. These are things you probably already know. For starters there must be some color. When it comes to creating a website you should take some time to select the colors with care. This is where a basic understanding of psychology comes in handy. There are some colors that you cannot use on say, a restaurant website but you can use them on a fashion blog. With the range of colors that have been availed by modern technology, you will no doubt be spoilt for choice.

Graphics are also a must-have for any website. They include the likes of photographs, logos, icons and whatever else you choose to add to your site. The graphics you use on the page should build the website rather than break it. The goal of using graphics is to make the design more user-friendly. In order to achieve this goal, they must be placed strategically enough to attract users to your site in their masses.

The layout is the foundation of the design. The layout refers to how the graphics, text and ads are organized. What you need to strive to achieve is a simple yet elegant layout. Anyone viewing the website should be able to access the information they are looking for with ease. The organization of different items on your site should have the keywords that your users are likely to be searching for.

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What is a website without literature? The font of the words must be one that is sophisticated but at the same time very simple. There are so many fonts that are web-safe. The font serves to accentuate the website’s design. It is worth noting that a majority of web browsers are able to read only a selected number of fonts which are the aforementioned web-safe fonts.

Finally, there is the content. It enhances the message of the website through text and visual aids. Written text must always be relevant to the theme of the website. This way you avoid confusing the reader and giving them what they are looking for so that they remain on the website. The content must be optimized for the search engines and be of a reasonable length. This brings us to another important aspect of website development- search engine optimization (SEO).

Keep up with the search engines using SEO expert service

You could be having the best of websites but if you aren’t careful to enforce what the search engines like Google and Bing recommend for you, then your site is not going to be successful at all. Search engines run the internet. It is through these engines that people find what they are looking for. The goal of every website should be to pop up on the first page of the search engines’ results when a user types a keyword for his/her search. This is easier said than done.

How does Google rank the results that pop up when you search for something online? Is it alphabetical ranking or what? Sites are ranked according to their relevance and the amount of traffic have been attracting. The emphasis therefore lies on the fact that your content should be relevant to the theme of your site. It should also be optimized for the search engines. This is where an SEO expert will come in to save the day. They make the work so much easier for you. They will do everything from content creation to the managing of your marketing campaigns.

Create a mobile responsive design

Many people access the internet through their mobile devices- tablets and smartphones, among others. Only occasionally will they have time to sit at their laptops and desktop computers to search for things online. The problem which arises is that designs that work on desktop computers might not always be as responsive on the mobile devices. It is therefore very important that you create a design that is customized for mobile devices.

This is usually the biggest challenge even for the most experienced website designers. It is akin to fine tuning the website design that you have already created. Ultimately, all the hard work and resources which go towards tailoring the original design are well worth it because the results are always excellent in the long-run.


Designing a website may not be an easy feat but it is not rocket science either. It is important to understand the basics of web design before start you off. Learning the art of selecting colors, organizing the layout and placing the graphics is always the first step. Once the site is complete, you can bring SEO experts on board to help you place your website at the top of the search engine results pages.

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